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The True North Guide to Cryptocurrencies in Canada

There’s no denying that blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Canada are on the rise as the industry continues to get footing worldwide. A recently updated survey from 2017, conducted by the Bank of Canada found the following: Cryptocurrency awareness among Canadians between 2016 and 2017 had increased from 64% to 85%. Ownership of Bitcoin among Canadians […]

A Blockchain Education Network: The New Era of Scholastics

Blockchain technology continues to see expansion into every business sector, including the education system. The added efficiency and security of implementing of a blockchain protocol is undeniable.  The paper-based system that dominates most of the educational networks of the world is grossly outdated, and there is no real global consensus on the overall status of […]

What Is a Smart Contract? | Explanation for Beginners

You may not realize it, but whenever you sign a traditional contract, you’re still taking a risk. The other party may not deliver. They may breach a non-disclosure agreement. Maybe you don’t receive your paycheck. Regardless, you have to huff your way to the courthouse and pay thousands in lawyer fees, just for the possibility […]

What Is a Crypto Card? | An All-Inclusive Guide

Whether you’re new to crypto or an experienced investor, you might still wonder, “What is a crypto card?” In this article, we answer all your questions about them. We also look at some of the benefits and challenges for consumers and merchants using crypto cards. Finally, we highlight some of the top crypto cards on […]

Unlocking Key Encryption in One Handy Explainer

Key encryption is at the heart of cryptocurrency. It’s even in the name–the crypto part of cryptocurrency. Interest in digital currency is at an all-time high, so by now, even the most casual Bitcoin investor can probably talk through the basics of distributed ledgers. However, if you’re someone who would struggle to explain how key encryption […]

Weighing the Bitcoin ETF SEC Approval Debate

The SEC disapproved several bitcoin ETF proposals last Wednesday. Two of them belonged to ProShares and would track bitcoin futures contracts, and five were inverse and leveraged products from Direxion. A GraniteShares ETF proposal was also rejected. The new development comes after the rejection of the much anticipated Winklevoss ETF in July. According to the […]

How Cryptographic Algorithms and Hashing Secure Blockchains

Distributed computing, mechanism design, and cryptography algorithms form the holy trinity of blockchain technology. Distributed computing utilizes a decentralized network of computers and existed before blockchains in the form of torrenting networks. However, torrenting sites had no means of governing the behavior of participants, which is where mechanism design enters into blockchain. It provides the incentive […]