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This Week in Cryptocurrency – August 24, 2018

*Sad Trombone* Although not a dramatic drop-off like we’ve seen in previous weeks, the market remained relatively stagnant seeing slightly lower ‘lows’ throughout the week. This week, the entire market dipped just -0.04% on the heels of several Bitcoin ETF rejections (or were they reviews?) by the SEC. While some view anything but twenty percent […]

What Is BitGo? Enterprise Cryptocurrency Solutions

What Is BitGo? BitGo is a company with one goal in mind–enabling institutional investment in cryptocurrency. But why should this be necessary? Doesn’t crypto provide a means of avoiding banks and financial institutions? Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies need the trust and investment of financial institutions if they are ever to gain true mainstream adoption. After […]

The Merger of Blockchain and Higher Education

Blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary concepts of our era, and it’s transforming the manner in which personal and businesses interactions take place on a global scale. The technology provides a more secure and cost-effective alternative to the status quo. These benefits are precisely why it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to learn […]

What is Karmacoin? (KARMA)

What is Karmacoin? Initiated on May 7, 2014, Karmacoin died as a project in 2015. Karmacoin (KARMA) represented the digital currency of Karmashares LLC, registered in the state of Wyoming. Karmashares proposed to create long term value for investors by developing a variety of products and services. In short, Karmashares intended to serve as something […]

What Is Viacoin (VIA)? | Beginner’s Guide

What Is Viacoin? Viacoin is an older cryptocurrency (2014 launch) based on the Bitcoin protocol with a few fundamental differences. Like most other classic cryptos, it’s meant for secure, peer-to-peer transactions. In this beginner’s guide, we touch on the following: How Does Viacoin Work? Viacoin Past, Present, and Future Trading Where to buy VIA Where […]

Why Switzerland Is Scrambling to Keep Its Crypto-Friendly Title

Regulatory uncertainty surrounding ICOs pushed many blockchain companies to set up base in the “crypto-friendly” Switzerland. But then major Swiss banks started denying their services, and the climate appears to be souring with crypto companies looking for friendlier pastures. As new regulation passes in Malta and solarisBank in Germany opens accounts for blockchain companies, Switzerland […]

Techfugees Founder on Leveraging Blockchain to Help Refugees

For all the flack blockchain and crypto get for being voodoo dark net money, many organizations are beginning to understand the potential for blockchain to provide pervasive social impact. One of the hot topics of discussion at the Blockchain for Social Impact conference was how blockchain will help alleviate the numerous maladies associated with the […]