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Inflated Success: Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Secrets Revealed

The cryptocurrency market is a high-octane playground for day Lambo dreamers and investors. It has made some super-rich, almost overnight and reduced others to the brink of bankruptcy. And of course, amid all these chaotic happenings is a rambunctious side of the industry, where questionable practices make the market tremendously murky. The cryptocurrency market has […]

What is Tendermint? | Everything You Need to Know

What is Tendermint?  Tendermint is a low-level protocol comprised of two main pieces: a blockchain consensus engine and a generic application interface. Tendermint Core, the blockchain consensus engine, facilitates the peer-to-peer network and provides a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus. The Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI), on the other hand, acts as a tool for blockchains to link […]

DARPA Blockchain Programs

In September 2017, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) approved research into blockchain technology. Since this approval, DARPA researchers have examined multiple different blockchain-based systems. These researchers are looking towards DARPA blockchain programs to improve their logistical, communications, and security systems. Given the unique aspects that blockchain technology brings to the table, it’s no […]

Why Major U.S. Financial Companies Avoid the Crypto Market

Major U.S. companies have been avoiding the crypto market for a long time. And now, according to Mike Novogratz, a prominent investor and former hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, there is a major reason for this. The founder of Galaxy Digital, a cryptocurrency merchant bank, he recently talked about the issue at the […]

Bitcoin Mining Giants Woo Miners with Next-Generation Chips

Bitcoin mining, hardware maker, Bitmain, has announced a new next-gen mining ASIC chip dubbed the BM1391. Bitmain’s co-founder, Jihan Wu, recently made the announcement at the Digital Mining Summit in Georgia. Designed to run on the SHA256 algorithm, the 7nm Finfet mining chip reportedly utilizes over a billion transistors for unparalleled efficiency. Its advanced circuit […]

This Week in Cryptocurrency: September 28, 2018

Cmon, Do Something… We had a relatively uneventful week in the market, price-wise. The total market cap fell to a low of around $206B in the middle of the week before rising to $221.1B today – an overall loss of about 2% over the week timeframe. This lack of price movement came on the heels of […]