Can Blockchain Carbon Offsetting Save the Planet?

One of the major criticisms of Bitcoin is that mining consumes such a vast amount of energy, it must have a negative impact on the environment. While Bitcoin and crypto mining are not necessarily the worst culprits in terms of energy consumption, climate change concerns are real. Humans aren’t doing enough to save the planet […]

Pornhub Is Heating Up With Privacy Coins Zencash And Tron

Crypto in the porn industry is expanding but this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The porn industry, in particular, has a history of being early adopters of new technology for professionals and otherwise. Linked with pushing new tech-forward like e-commerce, VHS, and video streaming to name a few. The porn industry is a […]

TREZOR vs Ledger – Which Hardware Wallet Is Right for You?

With a cyber-attack every 39 seconds, you’ve got a good reason to fret about your hard-earned money and investments. In fact, as hackers continue their onslaught, you may long for the days of the physical leather-bound wallet. Bitcoin is great – unless it’s stolen. But you aren’t out of luck with security options. Other crypto […]

How Blockchain Will Combat Bias in News Reporting

We all know that news reporting is never truly objective. Political bias in news reporting is so well-known and entrenched that we even select our preferred news outlets based on our political views. Over recent years, it has also been increasingly evident that fake news is a problem. However, there are far more insidious forces […]

This Week in Cryptocurrency: September 7, 2018

You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby Right ‘Round After some healthy, steady growth over the last two and half weeks, the cryptocurrency market threw us for a tizzy, dropping nearly 16 percent in one day at the end of this week. The overall market fell from ~$224.5B to ~$205B over the course of the week. […]

How Blockchain Is Being Applied to Human Rights

Blockchain may not be a panacea to the all the world’s problems but there are many areas where it shows potential. Perhaps one of the most important is human rights. According to a 2014 report by Freedom House, only 40 percent of the world live in “free” countries. These are the nations that supposedly respect […]

Two Sides of the Coin: Litecoin Mining vs Bitcoin Mining

The heyday for mining established cryptocurrency has all but come and gone. These days you seriously need to know what you’re doing if you want to compete with the big boys. Industrial-scale operations have driven many enthusiasts to look for opportunity in smaller coins in hopes of catching the next big trend. We’ve covered cryptocurrency […]

This Week in Cryptocurrency: August 31, 2018

Solid as a Rock We had a relatively good week in the market, all things considered. The entire market was in the green over the week-long period, growing by about 7%. It looks like we may finally be at the end of the bear market. But, we’ll have to see a few more weeks like this […]