Texas Bitcoin Mining Facility Takes Crypto Mining to New Levels

Crypto mining is a power-intensive process, and right now, mining farms and enthusiasts are struggling to break even as digital currency prices build out a bottom. Since the beginning of 2018, prices of major cryptocurrencies have fallen drastically. Bitcoin’s price, in particular, has declined by more than 65 percent. As such, it would be easy […]

Conference Recap: ChainXChange in Las Vegas

ChainXChange in Las Vegas wrapped up August 15th and left attendees with some valuable insights into the cryptocurrency and overarching tech industries. The Mandalay Bay Convention Center hosted the three-day event that included speakers such as Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson, Wall Street Journal Deputy Editor Sam Walker, Famed Economist and […]

A Beginners Guide to OTC Markets in Crypto

What’s the first thing that pops into mind when you hear “over-the-counter”? For many, the phrase will create images of easy access to medication. OTC, however, has been around for quite some time and draws its roots from some of the first store-based exchange of goods. It refers more specifically to the easy access part […]

Check Out the World’s Top Twitter Blockchain Influencers

Want to become one of the world’s top blockchain influencers? There is a variety of established and up-and-coming platforms related to blockchain and cryptocurrency content. However, Twitter reigns supreme for influencer discussions. Twitter blockchain influencers are some of the most well-known people in the industry. In this article, we examine who the top blockchain influencers […]

This Week in Cryptocurrency – August 24, 2018

*Sad Trombone* Although not a dramatic drop-off like we’ve seen in previous weeks, the market remained relatively stagnant seeing slightly lower ‘lows’ throughout the week. This week, the entire market dipped just -0.04% on the heels of several Bitcoin ETF rejections (or were they reviews?) by the SEC. While some view anything but twenty percent […]