Luno Review: An Exchange Launched from Emerging Markets

Luno, a rather fitting name for an exchange which tends to capture one of cryptocurrency’s most talked about phrases, “To the moon!”. The exchange is relatively unknown for cryptocurrency enthusiasts based in the Americas and Europe. However, in this Luno review, we’ll explore some of the regions they operate in and the benefits and drawbacks […]

Cryptocurrency is Alive and Well

You hear it wherever you go: “Bitcoin is dead” “Cryptocurrency is a fad” Don’t listen to the haters and naysayers. Cryptocurrency is alive and well. It isn’t going anywhere. Every market has bull and bear periods. It is only natural and extremely healthy for the market to correct itself after a massive bull run. Welcome to […]

Mining the Future, New Videos of Radiant Tech

“Radiant” is the new technology that makes us the market leader. As we grow larger and larger and we design our data centers with more foresight and knowledge about the mining business, we are able to make improvements to our data center design that drastically decrease need for manual labor. To achieve the best performing […]