A Guide to Verge (XVG) Mining Pools

Cryptocurrency mining can be a very profitable venture. Selecting the right coin to mine is an important step in this process. Verge (XVG) is one of the most unique cryptocurrencies when it comes to mining. This is because it allows miners to select between five different consensus algorithms. However, an abundance of options also means more […]

How Sentinel Protocol Can Protect You Against Crypto Fraud

It often feels like navigating the cryptocurrency investment landscape is like taking a stroll through a treasure island crowded with minefields. The open nature of the technology is both its greatest benefit and its biggest downfall, at least at this early stage of the game. Sentinel Protocol has arrived and they claim they have the […]

BITBOX Exchange Opens for Business

The BITBOX exchange opened its doors for business recently. It trades in about thirty of the major currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC). The fairly limited number is due to the fact that all cryptocurrencies allowed on the exchange pass a rigorous review by a committee of experts before […]

This Week in Cryptocurrency: October 5, 2018

What Is This? The Stock Market? Another relatively uneventful week for the cryptocurrency market. Even with positive news of Gemini’s digital asset insurance, Coinbase’s multi-billion dollar valuation, and further worldwide adoption, the market still managed to fall from $219.7B to $217.9B.  That market cap change calculates to a less than 1% fall, however. In an […]

Ethereum Mining vs. Bitcoin Mining: Which is More Profitable?

There are some critical differences between Ethereum vs. Bitcoin mining, which originate from the fact that these two cryptocurrencies developed with very different purposes in mind. At first glance, it may be difficult to determine the variances between these cryptos, but dig a little deeper, and you discover a glaring contrast between them. Let’s take […]

Why Are These Big Players Backing Atlas Protocol?

It’s no secret that the Chinese aren’t Google’s biggest fans. In fact, there are plenty of internet giants blocked out of the Chinese market under their strict censorship policies. Curious, then, that the biggest backers of ex-Google employee’s blockchain startup Atlas Protocol are Chinese — specifically SoftBank, and Baidu. A Bid to Bring Down Google? If […]

Crypto Lab Preview: The Fundamentals of Fundamentals

Editor’s note: The following article is a sample of the type of educational insights and market analysis from the CoinCentral Crypto Lab, a premium section of our site that focuses on in-depth fundamental breakdowns of projects and technical analysis of market patterns. We will always look to provide the maximum amount of value to our readers and […]

The Growing Use of Blockchain Law Enforcement Strategies

Blockchain technology poses unique threats to law enforcement organizations. This new technology allows anyone to transfer funds internationally, and in many cases anonymously. Criminals also recognize this ability and continue finding new ways to integrate these features into their illegal activities. While the news often sheds light on the nefarious actions of crypto users, it’s […]

What Is DENT? | Beginner’s Guide

What Is DENT? DENT is a virtual telecom company (telco), worldwide marketplace, and currency for mobile data exchange (built on Ethereum). Ever heard of a virtual telecom company?  Before we get more into DENT, it’s important to understand the world of telecommunications (telecom). The space is tumultuous as old revenue models are upended in an increasingly […]